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About Me

Welcome to the Diliparts where you find the Creative works of Dilip B. in the Categories of Canvas Paintings, Ceramic Arts, Sculptures, 3D arts, and more.

Diliparts started by Dilip B. who is born artist from Thangadh, a small town of Surendranagar Dist. famous for Ceramic Industries. Thangadh is also famous for giving the best artist to the world.

Dilip inspired more at the age of 6 after receiving his first Prize by famous Writer and Humorist ShahbuddinRadhod in 1989.

Dilip has made beautiful Paintings, Sculptures, and Creative work on Ceramic Accessories. Dilip is also very good at making 3D Paintings, 3D rangolies. Dilip has made Paintings on Lord Swaminarayan’s Life in one of the biggest Swaminarayan Temple at Botad. One of the Dilip’s Painting on Canvas coated with Gold Foil is kept in one of the biggest Gold Showroom in Dubai.

Dilip has very good knowledge of Colors and Shades that makes his Paintings so realistic surprise the People.

In Diliparts, you will find the best collection of Paintings, Ceramic arts, Sculptures, 3D arts, and more

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